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    Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in May,1995, and invested by Shanghai Aerospace Energy Co., Ltd. under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC)., Pietro Fiorentini S.P.A. It is the joint venture engaged in research, development, design, manufacture, sales and technical service for gas reducing and metering stations for gas transmission and distribution.

    Shanghai Fiorentini commits herself to working on the integrated technology of gas reducing and metering as well as the total solutions. Our product lines include:

    Integrated pressure reducing system: gas reducing & metering stations, medium-high pressure city gates, compressed natural gas reducing stations , and two-stage reducing stations, etc.;

    Pressure vessels: filters, filtering separators, cyclone separators, heat exchangers, water bath heaters, insulating joints, and pig launching equipment, etc.;

    Monitoring system: gas management information system, SCADA gas distribution monitoring system, station-control system, etc.;

    Valves: pressure regulators, slam-shut valves, flow control valves, ball valves and butterfly valves, etc.;

    Measuring products: gas turbine meters, orifice meters, volume corrector, flow computer, etc.

    Investors: Shanghai Aerospace and Aerospace Energy
    Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology was established on August 1st 1961, which is one of the most important part of Chinese Aerospace Industry. Aerospace products refer to four series: tactical missiles,launch vehicles, application satellites, manned spacecrafts; civil products business refer to spare parts of automobile, office automation equipments, electro-mechanical products, real estates, property management, import & export trade. Besides, it processes 17 research institutes, 20 kinds of civil products and 1 listed company.

    Shanghai Aerospace Energy Co.Ltd.(SAE) directed by Shanghai Aerospace was estabished in 1993. Basing on environmental protection and energy industry, it is a multi-industry and diverse Group Company that commits itself to working on research, development, manufacture, sales and service for gas energy operation technology and equipment. The products include PE pipes, CNG/LPG gas filling station, heating power and cooling co-generation system, cars filled with hydrogen energy, “863”projects, Gas power plant etc. Our products and projects have widely used in gas, petrol, transportation and municipal construction at home and abroad.

    Pietro Fiorentini
    Pietro Fiorentini was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1940. It is one of the biggest R&D and manufacture Groups for natural gas and no-corrosive gas reducing and metering equipments in the world. Seventeen solo or joint venture companies, and sales & service networks spread over more than 80 countries on five Continents. R&D Center is located in Vicenza, which is one of the most advanced R&D institutes of regulator technology over the world.
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